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To develop cohesiveness and community spirit through participation in this unique artistic project.
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The Adopt-a-Bear project is no longer available through Bear Fever, but perhaps someone, someday will take on the project! ~Jane

The Bear Fever committee wants YOU to participate in the Bear Fever program in any way you find fun and interesting. So, volunteer your services at any point along the way.

But this letter is to describe one of my favorite parts of the project: a book.

At the end of the project, we want to produce a Bear Fever book featuring photos of our beloved Boyertown Bears around the community.

But we want our book to be unique; we’d like our book to be not just fun to look at but also interesting to read. We’d like to have articles about the people involved in the artistic process—who created the design, how was it implemented, what professional artist and students were involved, what’s interesting about them.

We’d like to have a piece about the artistic process. Were there any events that happened in creating the sculpture that would be fun to read about? Were any surprises or particular difficulties experienced during the process that would provide folks with knowledge they could use in a similar experience?

And what about the sponsor of the bear? We’d like some information about the business, civic organization, or individual that sponsored the bear. We’d like some background and history of the business, a look at the people who work there, some insight about the business or organization itself that might be entertaining and informative to our community and anyone wishing to be part of that particular enterprise.

And so, we need help/ we’re looking for folks willing to adopt a bear. By that we mean we’re looking for folks who are willing to maintain a journal about the bear that they adopt, researching and writing about the people, the artistic process, and the sponsor of each bear. These journalists would need to be willing to visit with the artist and students involved on many occasions, interview them, sit in and watch the design and decorating process. These journalists would also need to be willing to spend some times with the sponsor, learning about the sponsor—the business, civic organization, or individual. And, of course, our journalists need to be willing to write about what they see, experience, and learn. And take some photos as well.

With 30+ bears around town, we’ll be looking ideally for 60+ individuals to work in 2-person teams creating a journal about their assigned bear. As you can see, we need lots of help.


If so, kindly provide your name, e-mail address, and phone number and we’ll reserve a bear for you. If you and a friend want to be partners, sign up as partners.