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To develop cohesiveness and community spirit through participation in this unique artistic project.
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Official Bear Fever bear by Graber Lettering
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Bear Fever Map

Bear Fever thanks Harry Leeson for his 2019 effort in photographing and collecting information about 75 bears in an efficient "Poster." Find the "Poster" and addresses for each bear: Click Here

1. Reading Ave. Bear:“Spirit”
2. Accountant Share Bear “Bob”
3. MCCC (Montco) “Monty”
4. david brown Associates: “Lincoln Bear”
5. Custom Construct’n “White Bear”
6. Galletto:“EmBRACEable”
7. Food Share Bear
8. YMCA: “Mommy and Me”
9. National Penn Bank “Paws”
10. Cabot Supermetals: “George”
11. Ott Funeral Home “Paul Bear”
12. Epps Advertising:“Bear Odyssey”
13. National Penn Bank via
TriCo Chamber: “Hal Bear-toia”
14. National Penn Bank“Mary Beary”
15. Graber Letterin’“Gra-Bear Fever”
16. Boyert’n High School“Townie”
17. O’Brien and Gere: “Bubbles”
18. Body-Borneman Insurance“Box”
19. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons: “Jack”
20. Drug Plastics: “Teddy Bearsecker”
21. TriCo. Chamber: “Artie”
22. Phila. Ave: Share:“Bear-snickle”
23. Zuber Real Estate: “Zu-Bear”
24. Attorney Share Bear “Bear-ister”
25. Sugg Chevrolet: “Sparky”
26. Stahl Marketing: “Disco”
27. Bear Fever/Harry’s Tattoo “Chip T”
28. Ken Ellis’s Legion Bear: “Kenny”
29. BASH:“Shields”
30. BES’s PTO: “Patches”
31. Herb Real Estate: “Herbie”
32. Gilbertsville Elementary PTO
33. National Penn Bank “Bella”
34. Rader’s “Nostalgia”
35. Colebrookdale HSA“Once Upon a Bear”
36. Bertoia Studio: “Bar-bear-a” 37. Prince Law Firm: “Boo Boo”
38. Biesecker Bear: “Bear-gon”
39. Glocker Real Estate: “Homebody”

40. Boyertown Planing Mill
41. Military Bear: “G.I. Joe”
42. Chuck Smith Auto Service “Reds”
43. Gateway Ticketing “Tix”
44. Keystone Fire Company “Squirrely”
45. Pine Forge Elementary “Douglass Fir” l
46. Boyertown Oil Co., Inc. “Mario”
47. Patrons of the Arts: “Julie’s Jingles”
48. New Hanover/Upper Frederick Elementary School, “Freddy Hanover”
49. Loren and Jody Hulber
50. Pottstown Memorial Medical Center
51. Boyertown JHS East "J.T. Bear" Elementary School
52. Memorial to Bill Scheifley
53. St. Columbkill’s Church
54. BASH Class of 2005 “BASHful”
55. All Balls, Better Bearings and Components
56. Sealstrip Corporation
57. Sue Lopuski
58. Hul-bear 2
59. Earl
60. Erb Construction "Rich"
61. Loren and Jody Hulber "Rod - Dah Hot Rod Bear"
62. Boyertown YMCA "Wyatt"
63. Diane Reinwalt "Chloe"
64. Chestnut Knoll "Chester"
65. Hookies Ladies Auxillary "Lady A"
66. Walnut Woods "Worthington"
67. Diamond Credit Union "Benjaman"
68. Berks Country Community Foundation --Youth Advisory Council: "Happ"
69. Cheryl Miller, DDS: "Cheryl DDS"
70. Ray Gilbert: "Ray"
71. Rose and Bill Gross: "Huggy"
72. Boyertown Parks & Recreation "Parker"
73. Ellixson's Tae Kwon Do Academy
74. "Gabe Ruth" Gablesville Owls
75. "BAMU" Bytn Alumni Marching Unit

Please print out the chart which accompanies this map for the latest details re: placement inside or outside,
available or not completed and information about who sponsored the bears.

Thank You