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To develop cohesiveness and community spirit through participation in this unique artistic project.
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Josie Moore—Bear Fever’s “Jill-of-all-Trades” poses on BASH’s old auditorium stage after the final “Insight” taping of her high school career.
Sarah Elphick (left) and Caity Fisher (rt), two of Bear Fever’s Adopt-a-Bear journalists, share smiles.

Josie Moore—Bear Fever’s “Jill-of-All-Trades” cradles the flowers offered to Mrs. Stahl on the final “Insight” show of their high school careers.
Carly Banes, Bear Fever’s Student Promotions Chair, demonstrates the spirit of Bear Fever with her winning smile.
Bear Fever’s favorite Southern girl Jessica Hardin waits for adoring crowds in BASH’s mural hallway, prior to the 2005 Arts Expo and Bear Fever debut. The mural was painted by BASH Art Club members and completed just in time for the Expo 2005
Kaela Mast, Bear Fever videographer, and good friend Amanda celebrate a successful debut of Arts Expo 2005

Carly Banes, Bear Fever’s Student Promotions Chair, poses with “Herbie,” sponsored by Herb Real Estate and fashioned by folk artist Barbara Strawser at Arts Expo 2005.