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To develop cohesiveness and community spirit through participation in this unique artistic project.
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Concrete tabletop sculptures were first created by sculptor Martha Cawley at the request of Bear Fever coordinators Jane and Paul Stahl. When Martha felt she could no longer fill requests for the bears, Boyertown eye doctor James Tribbett took on the project. Jim has been a loyal patron of the arts and generously offered Bearitas to the Bear Fever project and other individuals and groups for many years as a way to show his support for the arts and local artists.

Dennis Graber is the latest fabricator of the Bearitas and is also available to paint and clearcoat the tabletop sculptures. He and Jane Stahl take orders upon request. Dennis can be reached at or 484-264-5532; Jane can be reached at

Some of those who have adopted Bearitas have shared photos with us.

Paul gifts Dale Mahle, retiring president of TriCounty Area Chamber of Commerce, with Oliver--unpainted. Dale was instrumental in the early promotional efforts of Bear Fever. The theme for Boyertown's Progress Dinner 2004 was Bear Fever and featured the first two raw bears sponsored by TriCounty Area Chamber of Commerce as an introduction to the project. The event "kicked off" the project; the rest is history.