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To develop cohesiveness and community spirit through participation in this unique artistic project.
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Official Bear Fever bear by Graber Lettering
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Boyertown Oil, Co., Inc. -“Mario”

Barry Weller meets “Mario”: Finally! President Barry Weller stands proudly beside "Mario." The design duplicates the character Paul Stahl created as the company's symbol and appears in various forms and positions in all the company's promotional pieces advertising fuel oil, installation, repair and service.

Mario Jingles Expo: What a team! "Mario" and "Jingles" become instant friends at the 2008 BASH Arts Expo and highlight the Pottstown Mercury's December 2007 poster of the 50 Bear Fever bears completed at that time.

Barb Nussmann, Kent Farrell and Barry Weller 2: Barry Weller, president of Boyertown Oil Co., Inc. (rt) introduced several of Bear Fever's most loyal fans to his brand new bear named "Mario" fashioned by Joe Adams of Adams Lettering. Barb Nussmann and Kent Farrell from Rochester, NY, spent a day in Boyertown for the fourth year in a row recently visiting the Bear Fever bears that have debuted since their visit last summer. The couple have spent their summers visiting "critter art" community projects and baseball stadiums throughout the nation. Their scrapbooks house photographs of each community's entire collection, and they have photographed over 100 projects. Of the many projects they've seen, their own Rochester, NY, horse project reigns as #1 in their book; and they own several horses from that collection. But where does Bear Fever rank? Not surprising to us: Bear Fever stands strong in second place! They've caught Bear Fever and aren't looking to be cured. They'll be back next year since the project keeps going and going and going.

466, 467, 470: Mario's almost done. A few touches left like his shoelaces will complete his outfit.
Boyertown Oil Mario 2: Axel is Joey Adams #1 employee! Creating the mustache and hat for "Mario" and then attaching it were a challenge!



  • Barry Weller, president
    Boyertown Oil, Co., Inc.
    865 North Reading Avenue
    New Berlinville, PA 19545

About the Sponsor:

“Your warm friend,” Boyertown Oil Co., Inc., is a retail fuel oil dealer and plumbing/heating/air conditioning contractor and employs 16 men and women at its location in New Berlinville.

The company, which prides itself on its full service 24/7, has been operating within the tri-county area since 1930 and currently services 3500 homes and/or businesses.

Originally located on South Reading Avenue, Boyertown Oil Co., Inc. re-located to new Berlinville in 1971 and welcomed current owner Barry Weller to the helm in 1972.

About the Sponsor:

Joey Adams is the star of Joey Adams Lettering, but credits right-hand man Axel as an equal talent in the company.

Joey specializes in painting signs of all kinds, trucks, race cars, trailers, and fire and rescue apparatus. He creates banners, vinyl graphics, magnetic signs, and—according to him—“other neat stuff!”

“When you wanna get serious” is Joe’s invitational call; he enjoys the special challenges his clients often present and takes pride in creating the best that can be done!