To Develop Cohesiveness and Community Spirit Through Participation in this Unique Artistic Project.

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Purpose of the Program

Bear Fever, a collaborative public art project, was inspired by a desire to celebrate and beautify a beloved hometown and community. Bear Fever's mission has been to create greater community cohesiveness across generations, professions, and interests by bringing many members of the community together to have fun and work hard.

Plus, Bear Fever has endeavored to promote the arts and artists everywhere, but the project has been especially eager to celebrate those many gifted artists of all ages who live and work in the greater Boyertown community, a very special kind of place.

In addition, another distinctive feature of Boyertown's Bear Fever's mission--enlisting the involvement of the community's young people in each aspect of the project--has given them experiences and authentic opportunities to participate in their community, employ their knowledge, and practice communication, art-related, and business skills that they learn in their classrooms. The students developed friendships among all age groups, learned about their community's wealth of resources and the support for them and their education, discovered career paths, and made a remarkable difference in their community.

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