Bear Fever Locations, Updated February 2023

1. Reading Ave. Share Bear: “Spirit”--Route 562, (betw’n Frecon’s Stand and Jukebox Café) (on the hill) Boyertown

2. Accountant Share Bear: “The Count”--Frank Morgan Financial,113 East Philadelphia Ave., Boyertown

3. Montgomery County Community College: "Monty"-- Gerhart, Hartman, and Ritner Insurance, 138 South Reading Ave., Boyertown

4. david brown Associates: “Lincoln Bear”-- david brown Associates, (former Lincoln School), 215 West Phila. Ave., Boyertown

5. Custom Construction: “White Bear”-- Good Shepherd Church, 35 West Phila. Ave., Boyertown

6. Leonardo Galletto: “EmBRACEable”--Schaeffer Street parking lot, 100 Schaeffer St, Boyertown

7. Food Share Bear: “Maitre ‘d”--Center at Spring Street (inside), 200 West Spring Street, Boyertown

8. YMCA: “Mommy and Me”-- YMCA “Growing Center,” Gilbertsville Center 144 Hill Road, Boyertown

9. Truist Bank: “Paws”--Bally Branch of Truist Bank, Main Street and South 7th Street, Bally

10. Cabot Supermetals: “George”--  Washington Elementary School (inside), 1406 PA-100, Barto

11. Ott Funeral Home: “Paul Bear”-- Ott Funeral Home, 111 North Reading Ave., Boyertown

12. Epps Advertising: “Bear Odyssey”-- St. John’s Lutheran Church, 45 North Reading Ave., Boyertown

13. Bertoia Studio “Hal Bear-toia”--Sculpture Garden of Val Bertoia, Contact Val Bertoia, Bertoia Studio for personal tour

14. Truist Bank: “Mary Beary”-- Truist Bank, Philadelphia and Reading Ave., Boyertown

15. Graber Letterin’: “Gra-Bear”--Karver/Boyd office, 7 East Phila. Ave., Boyertown

16. Boyertown Senior High School: “Townie”-- Atherton Inn, 11 East Phila. Ave., Boyertown

17. O’Brien and Gere: “Bubbles”-- Atherton Inn,11 E. Phila. Ave., Boyertown

18. Body-Borneman Insurance: “Box”--Body-Borneman Insurance Co.,17 East Phila. Ave., Boyertown

19. Pottstown Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates: "Doc"--Boyertown branch office, 239 South Reading Ave., Boyertown

20. Drug Plastics and Glass Co.: "Teddy Bearsecker"--Boyertown Community Library, 24 N Reading Ave., Boyertown

21. TriCounty Area Chamber of Commerce (Original Sponsor): "Artie"; (2023)Foot and Ankle Health Group: "Barry Bumfoot"--20 E Phila. Ave, Boyertown

22. Philadelphia Avenue Share Bear:“Bear-snickle”--Tompkins Community Bank, E. Phila. Avenue and North Chestnut Street, Boyertown

23. Zuber Real Estate: “Zu-Bear”-- Richard A. Zuber Realty 210 E. Philadelphia Avenue, Boyertown

24. Attorney Share Bear: “Barrister”-- Boyertown Borough Hall, 100 South Washington Street, Boyertown

25. Sugg Chevrolet: “Sparky”-- Sugg Chevrolet (inside), 2nd and Washington Streets, Boyertown

26. Stahl Marketing: “Disco”-- Taylor Backes Glass Blowing, Second and Washington Streets, Boyertown

27. Bear Fever/Harry’s Tattoo: “Chip T”-- Rita’s Water Ice, 309 East Philadelphia Avenue, Boyertown

28. Ken Ellis’s Legion Bear: “Yogi Beara”-- Bear Stadium, 120 North Monroe Street, Boyertown

29. Boyertown Senior High School: “Shields”-- Boyertown Senior High Cafeteria Courtyard (inside), 120 North Monroe Street, Boyertown

30. Boyertown Elementary School’s PTO: “Patches”-- Boyertown Elementary School (inside), 641 E 2nd Street, Boyertown

31. Herb Real Estate: “Herbie”-- Herb Real Estate Gilbertsville Office, 1036 East Phila. Avenue, Gilbertsville

32. Gilbertsville Elementary School PTO: “Gilbert”-- Gilbertsville Elementary School, 36 Congo Road, Gilbertsville

33. Truist Bank: “Bella”-- Truist Bank, New Hanover Branch Swamp Pike and Route 663, New Hanover

34. Rader’s: “Nostalgia”-- Boyertown Area Historical Society (inside), 43 Chestnut Street, Boyertown

35. Colebrookdale HSA: “Once Upon a Bear”-- Colebrookdale Elementary School,1001 Montgomery Avenue, Boyertown

36. Bertoia Studio: “Bar-bear-a”-- Sculpture Garden of Val Bertoia (private residence) Barto

37. Prince Law Firm: “Boo Boo”--Prince Law, 646 Lenape Road, Bechtelsville

38. Biesecker Bear: “Bear-gon”-- Boyertown Area Community Children’s Library, 24 N Reading Ave., Boyertown

39. Glocker Real Estate: “Homebody”-- Glocker and Co., Inc., 900 East Philadelphia Avenue, Boyertown

40. Boyertown Planing Mill: “Milton”--Boyertown Planing Mill, 2nd and Franklin Streets, Boyertown

41. Military Bear: “G.I. Joe”-- Fairview Cemetery, 317 West Philadelphia Avenue, Boyertown

42. Chuck Smith Auto Service: “Reds”-- Chuck Smith Auto Service, 977 Route 100, Bechtelsville

43. Gateway Ticketing: “Tix”--Gateway Ticketing, 445 County Line Rd, Gilbertsville

44. Keystone Fire Company: “Squirrely”--Keystone Fire Company, 240 North Walnut Street, Boyertown

45. Pine Forge Elementary PTO:“Douglass Fur”-- Boyertown Middle School West, 380 South Madison Street, Boyertown

46. Boyertown Oil Co., Inc.: “Mario”-- Boyertown Oil Company, 865 North Reading Avenue, New Berlinville

47. Patrons of the Arts: “Julie’s Jingles”-- Boyertown Area Historical Society (inside), 43 South Chestnut Street, Boyertown

48. New Hanover/Upper Frederick Elementary School PTO: "Freddy Hanover" --New Hanover/Upper Frederick Elementary School (inside) 2547 Big Road, Frederick

49. Loren and Jody Hulber : “Hulbear”-- private residence

50. Pottstown Memorial Medical Center: “Bear Aid”-- PMMC Walnut Street facility 23 North Walnut Street, Boyertown

51. Boyertown Middle School East: “J.T. Bear”-- Boyertown Middle School East, 2020 Big Road, Gilbertsville

52. Memorial to Bill Scheifley: “Billy”-- Tira and Sarah Scheifley, 7853 Boyertown Pike, Route 562, Boyertown

53. St. Columbkill’s Church: “Papa Popodickon:-- St. Columbkill’s Church, 200 Indian Springs Road, Boyertown

54. BASH Class of 2005: “Al BASHful”-- Boyertown Area High School football stadium, 120 North Monroe Streets, Boyertown

55. Sealstrip Corporation: “Celia”-- Sealstrip Corporation, 103 Industrial Drive, Gilbertsville

56. Serenity Junction “Joe”-- private residence

57. All Balls, Better Bearings and Components, Power Sports Industries, Inc. “Spike”-- currently unavailable

58. Jody & Loren Hulber: “Flora”-- private residence

59. Earl Elementary School students and staff: "Earl"--Earl Elementary School--22 Schoolhouse Road, Route 73, 5 miles west of Boyertown

60. Erb Construction: “Rich”-- Erb Construction, 208 South Reading Avenue, Boyertown

61. Jody & Loren Hulber: "Rod"--private residence

62. Boyertown YMCA: “Wyatt”-- Boyertown Swimming Pool, 417 Madison Street, Boyertown

63. Diane Reinwalt: “Chloe”-- private residence Route 663, Gilbertsville

64. Chestnut Knoll Personal and Memory Care: "Knolla"--Chestnut Knoll 120 W 5th Street, Boyertown

65. Ladies Auxiliary of the Friendship Friendship Hook and Ladder Company: “Lady A”--The Hookies Fire Company, 10 Warwick Street, Boyertown

66. Walnut Woods: “Worthington”--Walnut Woods, 35 N Walnut Street, Boyertown

67. Diamond Credit Union: “Benjamin”--Diamond Credit Union (inside), Route 100, County Line Road , Douglass Town Center

68. Berks Country Community Foundation Youth Advisory Council:"Happ"--Boyertown School District Ed Center (inside),911 Montgomery Avenue, Boyertown

69. Cheryl Miller, DDS: “Cheryl DDS”-- Cheryl Miller Dentist Office, 2004 721 Penn Avenue, West Reading, PA 

70. Ray Gilbert: “Ray”--Ray Gilbert, private residence, Bechtelsville

71: Rose and Bill Gross: “Huggy”-- Boyertown Middle School West, 380 South Madison Street, Boyertown

72. Boyertown Parks & Recreation: “Parker”-- Boyertown Park, South Madison Street, Boyertown

73. Ellixson’s Tae Kwon Do Academy: "Donnie"--Boyertown Gardens, 121 E Philadelphia Avenue, Boyertown

74. Gablesville Owls: Gablesville Athletic Association: "Gabe Ruth"-- 2 N Fund Road and Rt 73W, Boyertown

75. Boyertown Alumni Marching Unit: “BAMU”--Other Farm Brewing Company, 128 East Philadelphia Avenue, Boyertown

76. Great Bear 15-Minute Oil Change: “Zoom”-- Great Bear 15-Minute Oil Change, 600 PA-100, Bechtelsville

77. Firefly Café: "Juju"--Firefly Café,12 N Reading Avenue, Boyertown

78. Merkel’s Tree Service Merkel’s Tree Service (in process), 5 Merkel Road, Boyertown, PA

79. Rota: "Catching Summer" --(in process)

80. Merkel’s Footwear Merkel’s Footwear (in process), 1070 E Philadelphia Ave, Gilbertsville

81. Boyertown Area Multi-Service--Preston’s Pantry: "Pamela & Evelynn”-- Center at Spring Street, 200 West Spring Street, Boyertown

82. Boyertown Area Multi-Service--Preston’s Pantry: “Preston”--Center at Spring Street, 200 West Spring Street, Boyertown

83. Boyertown American Legion Post 471: "Honor Bear"--Boyertown American Legion Post 471, Walker Drive, Boyertown

84. Salvation Army Boyertown Corps: "Prayer Bear"--Salvation Army Boyertown Corps, Walker Drive, Boyertown

85. Gigabiter--(in process), New Berlinville

86. Pine Forge Athletic Association: “King #51”--Pine Forge Athletic Association Park, Pine Forge