• Chuck Smith’s Auto Service
    977 Route 100
    Bechtelsville, PA 19505
    FAX 610-473-1320

About the sponsor:

The greatest longing in the human soul is to be remembered. Chuck Smith’s Auto Service Bear Fever bear named “Reds” was created as a tribute to Angela’s father, the man whom “Reds” represents.

Bear Fever’s “Reds” was a gift to Angela and Chuck Smith to celebrate the opening of their auto service repair shop along Route 100 just outside of Boyertown.

“Reds” was debuted at the 2007 BASH Arts Expo, and visitors not only admired the artistry but were also heard remarking to one another about the man named “Reds” : “I remember him,” noted one woman. “And, look, the bear has the same vivid blue eyes. He was so nice!”

About the artist:

If you call Ed Luterio by phone and he doesn’t answer, his voice message will tell you everything you need to know about him. His message says, “Hey, if I’m not answering my phone, it’s because I’m painting or fishing or painting a fish! But, leave a message and I’ll call you back as soon as I’m done!”

That’s Ed! Ed shares that he’s loved fish and fishing and painting fish his entire life. Every day he makes time for fishing somewhere—early in the morning or late at night—whenever he can make time for it. But…every day.
He’s taught his children to fish and love fishing as well, but we’d find it difficult to find the same enthusiasm and energy in anyone but Ed himself! And even though his Bear Fever bears have not yet become canvases for his favorite subject, he is one of Bear Fever’s most prolific artists and is always happy to paint another bear.
In addition to Chuck Smith’s Auto’s “Reds,” the Rader Beverages bear “Nostalgia” features photographs of Boyertown’s history as its body art, but the face and paws belong to Ed!

Ed was also selected for his realistic style, his spirit, speed and professionalism to be the artist for the Keystone Fire Company’s bear named “Squirrely.” In addition, he was commissioned by the Center at Spring Street to re-create their Food Bear whose decoupage treatment featuring flowers and faces of the seniors who attend The Center deteriorated in the sun, rain, and snow—despite a strong clear coat.

Ed’s website, displays his work as a freelance self-taught artist and illustrator specializing in wildlife and ?game fish. His favorite media include oils, acrylics, watercolor, and pencil.

In addition to painting fish and Bear Fever bears, Ed enjoys doing mural work to add a very personal touch to a home of office. The mural section of his website showcases some of the work he has done in his home state of Pennsylvania as well as the Jersey shore.

is illustration work can be seen monthly in Saltwater Sportsman magazine (SWS) and one of his original oil paintings has recently graced the magazine cover of Striped Bass. Ed's art work can also be seen at NYOC.US, an outdoor site dedicated to New York state outdoorsmen,
Locally, Ed has been commissioned to design and direct high school seniors in creating a community mural project in Pottstown, PA. The mural, to be titled, “Our Favorite Books,” will be on display directly behind the Pottstown Public library.

Currently, in Shadybrook Farm, Bucks County, PA, a haunted attraction features aliens and other creatures designed and painted by Ed in 3-D day glow paint. “Alien Encounter” can be seen until Halloween 2007. Visit Map quest for directions to Shadybrook Farm.

Ed exhibits locally: he mounted a Father’s Day exhibit in Bause’s Super Drug Store, Building a Better Boyertown office, and assorted exhibits sponsored by BBB’s Arts and Activities Alliance.

Ed has plans to run workshops in town to share his painting techniques with other lovers of art.

Ed’s speed painting was demonstrated in the completion of two mural projects for an aquarium supply store opening in Bucks County.