Would you like to decorate a 4-foot wide, 4-foot long white fiberglass bear which will be on display throughout the Boyertown area?

The project was originally designed to help build a better Boyertown--and have some fun too. The Bear Fever project was begun to promote the arts, feature artistic talent, foster community pride, spirit and cohesiveness, and allow our young people to learn from us by having them work side-by-side with artists, business owners, community leaders, volunteers, and civic groups.

The project continues; and while students are no longer involved, the project continues to be enjoyed by residents of the Boyertown Area School District community and surrounding areas along with those who visit our beloved community.

A stipend of $400 is offered to the artist for time and materials.

If you are interested in becoming an artist for a future Bear Fever sculpture, contact Jane Stahl.