Colebrookdale Elementary School students
Art Instructor: Colleen Quigney
Principal: Dr. Tom Shugar
1101 Montgomery Avenue
Boyertown, PA 19512


  • Colebrookdale Elementary School HSA
    President: Diane Kulp

Journal Entry

Spoke to the HSA president(Mrs. Diane Kulp) and vice president(Mrs. Tina Kurtz) they provided me with some information on what the HSA does for the school and why they sponsored the bear.

- The HSA helps to support the students. If the district won't purchase something, the HSA will evaluate the situation and provide funding if approved. A Bear Fever Representative from Boyertown Elementary spoke to the Colebrookdale HSA about the project. The organization thought this would bring a sense of unity to Boyertown along with involving the students. Miss Quigney, the art teacher, will be the only artist actually painting on the bea r; however, the students are taking part by making suggestions for an over all design. When the bear is complete , it will be displayed inside the lobby of Colebrookdale Elementary.

I spoke to a few teachers to acquire their opinion on the project as well.

-After speaking to several teachers, aides, and other staff members at Colebrookdale the overall opinion about Bear Fever is positive. Many teachers seemed to have knowledge of the Bear Fever idea previous to my explanation. I was informed of birds in Delaware, and cows in D.C. that were designed and now decorate the city. "Excellent idea!" "Brings the students together." These were comments I received when I asked them their opinion about this project. Many staff members would like to see the students more involved or continue their already existing "fish" theme on the bear as displayed in their school hallways and classrooms. Other design ideas were self portraits of the students and a contest to pick a name for the bear. Another interesting design would be including all of the items brought back by the teachers who visited the Ukraine, our sister city. The staff seems to feel that this will bring uniqueness and start conversation, it’s a creative endeavor that pulls generations together. They feel it incorporates community spirit and are excited to see the finished bear.

Parent opinions
- The parents of CES were more skeptical at first. They saw other, more important uses for our district's funding. They have come to see the project as something that will bring the students closer and cause them to become more involved in the other schools and community. They would like to see the students actually doing the painting and designing rather than just brining up creative ideas. Parents still feel that no matter how close this brings a school it won't top cruel events from occurring in our community and schools.

Student opinion about 3rd grade level
- The students seem to be very excited and motivated about the project. They have suggested many designs for the bear, a few being characters from their favorite stories or just random thoughts that come to their minds. They told me "the coolest thing about Bear Fever is that it represents them and their school." (very sophisticated 3rd grader) They feel proud and important, as if their school stands out.

Art Teacher - Miss Quigney
- Interested in reading, attending school to obtain masters degree in art
- is described as quiet, willing to help anyone, can never say "no"
- is really good at listening and art
- personal goal is to finish school, become a doctor, and become an author for children's books
- her mission in her work is to finish a project with out wanting to add anything else or make a change
- She wants to be remembered as a caring and talented person
- she got involved in this project because she was asked to design the bear by the HSA of CES
- She feels that she may benefit from this project by having an impact and involvement in the school
- Bear Fever in her opinion is good for getting people involved in the community
- she hopes the project will be seen by many people and added to with years to come

Katharine Harned