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Alan MacBain
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About the artist
Alan MacBain, a cartoonist and illustrator is fun and funny, someone who sometimes enjoys bending the rules, someone who is always curious about what will happen next to challenge him. Alan was curious to see how other artists met the Bear Fever challenge through their diversity of styles and approaches.
Provoking a smile is Alan’s goal, and he certainly achieved it with both “Bubbles,” his first creation, the O’Brien and Gere bear, and with “BooBoo” too. Alan offers this ‘toon character a Warner Brother’s-inspired face using Magic Sculpt.
Alan was featured in the April 6, 2006, edition of The Boyertown Times when he led the students of Boyertown Junior High West in a workshop on the cartoon process. Aaron Jenkins reported MacBain’s explanation regarding the technique of editorial cartoons: “hyperbole is what editorial cartoons are all about.”

Jenkins writes, “MacBain of Collegeville, whose work has appeared in regional newspapers, put it plainly (and sardonically) to students: ‘Your editorials will not only solve the world’s problems but also those of the universe…they illustrate a point of view in a humorous way. The cartoon is an exaggeration to make a point.’”
“’Just as people read left to right, the same principle carries weight in viewing an editorial cartoon. Your cartoon and the people in it should flow in the direction you read,’ MacBain said, adding, ‘I like to pretend I’m making a movie. I’m the director.’”

Poor baby. BooBoo features many details symbolizing assorted injuries. You’ll find his body encased in a “plaster cast.” He is sporting bandages, braces, nails and screws and relaying on his hot water bottle for comfort.
Will folks want to sign his cast and wish him well? We’ll see.

About the Sponsor
Prince Law specializes in handling Workman’s Compensation cases and was eager to have their bear look wounded. “BooBoo” certainly looks pained and would “feel your pain” too.