1. Chris, Diane, Kaitlin and Aleah Dietz, decoupage
CD's Place
North Reading Avenue
Boyertown , PA 19512

2. Ed Luterio, painter
30 Stafford Square
Boyertown , PA 19512

3.Postcards provided from the collection of Henry Stetler


  1. 1. Rader Company
    Henry Stetler
    191 County Line Road
    Boyertown , PA 19512
    610-367-8192 (Brewmaster)
  2. 2. Bonanza Restaurant
    Denise Christman
    173 Holly Road
    Boyertown , PA 19512

About the Artists:

The Bonanza Bear had several creators. The face and feet were painted by Ed Luteria, known as The Fishpainter. Ed began the decoupage process for the debut of the Bear Fever bears in May 2005. He was featured in the TriCounty Chamber's booklet titled “ Boyertown , Pennsylvania , A Special Kind of Place” published in the summer of 2006.

Following his appearance in the booklet, he was presented to the Dietz family of CD's Place and completed in October 2006. The Bonanza Bear was created by the Dietz family (Chris, Diane, Aleah, and Kaitlin) in October 2006 using an extensive collection of antique Boyertown postcards supplied by Henry Stetler. Many of these cards had postmarks from the early 1900's. The postcards were copied and enlarged in black and white and applied to the bear to fashion a collage. The overlapping pictures create an interesting counterpoint of gray tones

The inspiration for the bear came from Chris' restaurant, CD's Place - affectionately known as "The Cup" - which is located at 237 N. Reading Ave. in Boyertown. He and Diane did the counters and tables in a similar style using copies of their album collection and concert ticket stubs. Aleah, who did some of the painting on the bear, painted the "mural of musicians" in the restaurant. She has also been commissioned to do custom murals in people's homes. Kaitlin, who also helped on the project, designed the menu covers for CD's Place and is also interested in art.

Visit Bonanza Bear for a collage of Boyertown history. Stop in at CD's Place for great food, a musical experience, and a glimpse into the artistry of the Dietz family. Great things can happen when we let our creativity flow.