• Ray Gilbert
    Private Residence

Ray Gilbert's family is represented with great love on a Bear Fever life-sized sitting bear and on two cement mini-bears, all painted by Studio B's popular artist teacher Mr. Jean Esther.

Ray explains that his bears are a tribute to the love that Danielle (Dochney) and he had for each other, their family, pets, and wine making. Ray and Danielle's wine won medals for their wine including 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 1 Bronze medals from the "Wine Maker International Wine Competition."


Jean Richard Esther was born in Martinique, a small French Island in the Caribbean and moved to the United States at age 5 and lived in New York, Long Island. Today a resident of Berks County, Jean is known for his portrait drawings and comic illustrations. He also has an array of expertise in design, paintings, cartooning, and mural painting.

He has done many commissions, custom logo designs, murals, and participates in community events. Growing tremendously from his experiences, he created his own art service company website www.artcorner.net. Jean has been teaching drawing classes, manga and animae at assorted venues and at Studio B since its December 2008 opening. Jean enjoys a following of dedicated students. Enthusiasm and charismatic teaching are his hallmarks. Everyone loves Mr. Jean!