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  • Sugg Chevrolet
    Robert Sugg
    Second and Washington Streets
    Boyertown, PA 19512

Sugg Chevrolet “Sparky”

“Sparky” has an interesting history. He was created by Boyertown High School art instructor Linda Austerberry with the help of the girls’ soccer team sponsored by Jackie and Bobby Sugg of Sugg Chevrolet. Linda’s daughters and the Suggs’ daughters play on the same team.

“The girls [about 17 of them] all got together and drew what they thought the bear should look like,” explained Linda. Then, I put together a design that included as many pieces as I could of what each of them wanted. They came up with some awesome details! One things they all insisted on was ‘growly’ teeth! And I love his footwear.”

Painting the bear as a group was another story. “It got pretty messy,” explained Linda, but they had a lot of fun.”

“Sparky” endeavors to represent all sports in some fashion. Dave Burkert andThomas Dareneau, instructors at Boyertown High School, fashioned and painted the stadium surrounding the bear and his platform. The stadium features “thumb prints” to represent people in the stands. Look closely, and you’ll see the photographs of each of the girls on the team in the stands. ~jane stahl