Great Bear 15-Minute Oil Change
600 Route 100 
Bechtelsville, PA 19505


Jeff Graber, Graber Letterin'

15-minute Oil Change. No appointment necessary. If you care for your vehicle, you need to care about maintenance. Coolant flushes are important, and the best time to do them is NOW! Your vehicle was designed to operate under optimum conditions and requires quality care. Keeping your cooling system ready for anything is essential to keeping our car on the road and performing its best. 

Under all operations conditions, coolant degrades, becomes contaminated or diluted. This promotes corrosion, buildup, overheating, system damage, and more.

When temperatures drop below freezing, your cooling system's condition becomes even more important. Coolant that at risk of freezing can destroy an engine in short order as a result of blockage and overheating, broken or warped components, and cracked engine blocks and heads. Overnight, your engine can go from a performance machine to scrip metal if precautions aren't taken before it's too late.